My turn to speak

It’s my turn to speak

I’m so afraid

I’m forgetting all the words I need to say

My legs are shaking

Lightheaded, dizzy

I walk to the front

My stage

All eyes on me

I’m so afraid

Afraid of all the things they’ll say

And what they’ll think

I want to run

But I still have to speak

Inhale, exhale

I take a deep breath and say

All the words I need to say

And it’s okay

I don’t stop shaking

My heart still races

But it’s okay

I got the words out

I made it through

I may have stuttered

And forgot a word or two

But it’s okay

I’m okay

I can do this another day

I finish speaking and glance across the room

I hold my head up high

And walk back across the room

I’m still shaking when I take my seat

But I feel stronger, not as weak


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