My True Feelings In Life

The world around me

it's as if it was a world of darkness

but in reality all that is around me is light

Everyone is laughing

havng a good time.

As I sit here

wondering if the sun

will rise up the next day

I can feel the shadows all around me

I hear voices in my head

Love isn't existent to me

It is nothing more than a creation

of humans to give them

a excuse to believe in

something they find hopefull

It's nothing more than something

that is apart of this society today

A world of darkness

It seems peaceful to me

Maybe I've changed over the years

It fades off from distances

Then comes back into the world again

I find that more relaxing than

What other people think is right

I am the chosen one to this darkness

I shall follow its path and find my own destiny

Those are my true feelings in life



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