My tree

I can not live without my tree

She is all I need.

She is bold, as the stories have told.

She stands tall and never lets me fall.

She sways with the wind yet her roots remain planted.


Never green with greed or envy, yet her favorite color is green.

Her many branches always doing different  things.


On a hot summer day in June her branch grew a flower and that flower became her life.

She loved the little flower with everything she had.

She made sure that the little flower had enough water, food and love in order to grow into the perfect flower. The little flower didn't want to grow up and be a perfect flower...


She wanted to become a tree that stood tall and never let anyone fall.


She wants to be just like her mother.

Her mother is all she needs.


My mother is my tree.

She is my life source.

I could not live without her

She is my protector and she protects me from the evils of earth.

She never lets me go.

And she will never let me go.

I water her with love and she grows more as a mother each day

and I cannot live without her love


Mothers are gifts from god.

Their trunks deserve to be hugged not cut.

Their branches deserve to be cherished not broken.

Their leaves deserve to be loved not plucked.


I love my tree .

She will go everywhere with me

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My family
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I like the analogy of this poem. Than you for writing. It really captures the motherly nature of a mother

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