My Traveling Life

Where’s the humility in writing about

The perfection of a person without a little doubt

That anyone is spotless or ideal honestly,

Maybe one or two, but of course there’s me.


But Humility aside, I am pretty neat,

Spent years of my life in the hot, dry heat

Born in the land with some birds without wings,

Hint: it’s where they filmed The Lord of the Rings.


That’s right I was there, New Zealand is my home

It was from that place that I began to roam,

On our way to Fiji with the big mango trees,

With swarms of mosquitoes, you’re weakened at your knees.


With a plane ride away to the land of Kangaroos

The land of koalas and the kookaburras too,

It’s so laid back; you can live without strife,

Though everything around you can snuff out your life.


Next it was the cheese, the baguettes and the wine,

In our little house, I hit the age of nine,

Beautiful mornings and a rolling countryside,

I loved the place so much I could live there and died.


To the US we went, to my cousins’ abode,

The land where they drove on the wrong side o’ the road,

It was different from what I’ve known, Christmas in the heat

This time we had it in the snow and the sleet.


Southbound we drove to the sweet tea and chicken,

Where anything is fried once it enters the kitchen

No one likes country but all the rock and roll,

Rap and the dubstep with R&B and soul.


So this concludes my poem to help me earn some means,

To get more education and help bring home the beans,

I love the life I’ve had; it’s been unique and fun,

But trust me when I say, it’s only just begun.

This poem is about: 
My family
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