My Tears Have Dried Up, My Scars Will Fade


Get the grade.

Play the part.

Hold it in.

Stay smart.

Keep away

From those friends.

Throw away

What you believe in.

Listen to me,

You must obey.

We care for you.

Do what we say.

You are wrong.

We are right.

What do you know?

My child is not… a dyke.


Please, please.

Make it stop.


Please, please.

Make it stop.


I know you only want the best for me.

I know that this is what you believe.


But I don’t.

No I don’t.

I don’t.


Who I am

Is who I choose to be.

But what I am

I didn’t choose to be.

But I am proud

Of the person that’s inside

Hiding from

Your scorns and spurns and snide

Comments that flow from your lips

Like a river of pain and blood that drips

Down from each cut

Now a scar

That marks my legs, and sides, and arms.



No more.

I will not let you control me.

I will not hurt myself and bleed.

These tears have dried up.

My scars will fade.

I grow stronger every day.

Standing tall.


I am me. 


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