My Superhero

my bestfriend ;

my superhero;

you tell me you love me in

more than 1 language and

that you can trust me and face it.

but you get jealous when i talk

about guys or compliment

them on how they look.

when im with another boy you look

at me with eyes that're full of hatred and pain,

and then you think that i dont like

you and would leave you .

i know you dont want to get hurt,

but what you dont realize is that

your touch is so gentle it

sends chills down my spine,

your kisses are so sweet

it makes me crave more,

your eyes speak to me and 

bring a smile to my face.

when i hear your feet near,

it makes my heart race.

and your hugs are like a

blanket that keeps me warm

on a cold winter day.

so now, my dumbfounded love;

the one who completes me,

i hope you haven't forgotten

that you are my superhero, 

saving me from all my kryptonite

and the one who reserves my heart,

and these 3 special words, .

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