My soul

My soul is like a spirit that wants to come out but does not come out. My soul is dark at some points then sad. My soul is who I am inside. My soul is green, black, and pink. My soul becomes angry at points in my life. My soul is sometimes light but bright. A soul is who you are and what you are. A soul is you. My soul is unique and different then everybody. My soul is caring a child for 9 months.  My soul is clear you can see through me, and is bold. My soul is a baby boy named James. My soul is a baby trapped inside myself. My soul created a beautiful baby.

            A soul is your ghost inside you. A soul is attached to you it cannot be apart from who you are. My soul wants to be freed but can’t because I ‘am in charge of it. My soul is for me and is who I am if you know me, you know and understand my soul. A soul belongs to you and only you. A soul is like me walking, talking do normal things.  A soul can be evil it depended on the person the soul belongs to. One day you will share your soul with a kid for 9 months like me and my soul is my world.


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