My Skin

I stand tall and proud

To wear this skin

Called black or brown

It glows in the light

Its color is like that of the sand

I mean, what more reasons do I need for me not to like this skin called black

Or brown.


Except for its labels such as

Drug dealer, robber, kidnapper, nigger, or prisoner.

You see, that is a reason for me to feel

Ashamed of how my creator made me to be.

I am black, not a drug dealer,robber,kidnapper,or a

prisoner.I mean--

What’s with it and all the labels?

There’s got to be a change.


I love my skin,it’s black,brown,yellow and though you have

a label for me,

I know I could be a lawyer,

Doctor,nurse, teacher, pilot, pharmacist, actress, manager, CEO,

fashion designer, and a lot more if I wanted to.

That’s to say, I love my black skin,

I AM an author,artist,dancer,and doctor,not those names,I mean

labels you had in mind to call me.



This poem is about: 
My community


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