To My Sister

Dearest Wading Girl,

I peer at you through my canvas window

Watching as you dip your toes into the waters off the sharp Irish coast.

You wade through the yearnings of your kin

Reaching sun-dried dreams and

Painting saltwater seeds of hope in their wrinkled hearts.


Dearest Wading Girl,

You peer back at me,

Bilo-pen eyes and a Mona Lisa smile.

You know something that I don't.

I gave you life;

You give me hope.

Nobody smiles like that at a friend when she knows they have no future.


Dearest Wading Girl,

The Artist became a Young Man when he was gifted your smile.

You, Dearest Wading Girl, await my coming of age,

The realization of my dreams.


Love and best,

Sister of Heart

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