My Shot at You

Roses are red, violets are blue, cupid is

Ought to catch, at least, just a few of you.

He falls for you with no clue, freed with your kiss,

Which he nearly missed. Can't believe it's true.

As time flows, fear grows, tears roll, but their love grows.

Feelings are cleared, the relationship is steered.

Full of jo and comprehension thier heart's glow.

His words are sincere, her feelings are clear, there is no fear.

I care and Accept you, you my inspiration.

The way you care and show me respect tells me,

That you're the prince that's in my imagination;

Freeing me, understanding that love is the key.

Now we are both free. It's been a long time,

And so our love is strong, and Undefined.

Rodriguez, Inez. "My Shot at You." N.p., n.d.Print

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Inspired by my boyfriend :)

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