My Shining Star

Cant you see 
Im nothing like, 
I used to be. 

I've given all  
My all to those, 
That didnt deserve  
It, but I let myself  
Feel against  
My better judgment. 

Let myself become 
Chained to reality. 

Why did you want 
To be with me back  
Then, no future  
To tell the repercussions? 

I've told you my past, 
But not all of you believe 
In me, choking on the guilt. 

Killing all your honesty, 
So can I even state  
The obvious? 

This crown so heavy 
The stars are crashing. 
My shining star  
Died a while back. 

Asking you so see me, 
Cant you see Im nothing 
Like I used to be, give me 
A reason about everything  
You've seen in me,  
And trying hard to get  
Used to the new me. 

Like I used to be, 
Give me a reason about  
Everything youve seen  
In me, that you miss from 

Because that girl is dead,  
That shinning star 
Is far gone. 

I'm not the same girl, you used to know.

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