My Saving Grace


Here's a book

Read it


Look at those words

Believe it


Live by that book

Love it

All your problems will melt away

All you got to do is read that book

Believe that book,

Follow the rules in that book

Don't worry

You'll be fine

Just look at me

I'm devine!

I don't have to worry

'Cause I believe in those words

I belive that book

So should you, why don't you?


Listen to the words coming out my mouth

Please listen


Hear what I'm saying

Not what I didn't say


I feel what I feel

Please stop telling me what is and isn't real


Write about what you feel

'Cause its the only thing thats keeping you together

Far from the people who won't remember

The same people who say

"It's okay. You can trust me, tell me anyway."


No, I can't trust nor can I tell

This paper and pen are my only friends

It's the only thing that stays

The only thing that knows me

The only thing that won't lead me astray

That pen and paper are MY saving grace

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