My Reality is Different Than Yours

I’m creative, musical, thoughtful, and true

But perception can change from me to you.

You can poke and prod at imperfections all day,

Those moments only help me not be delayed.

Your fake smiles and mannequin laughs, they don’t phase me.

On the other hand, a conscious would be a great “first” to seek.

It’s scary, misleading, tainted and permanent- the past in my head.

Although I may deny it at first, the me you see, that’s what you get.


Without fences, a neighborhood is a special kind of beautiful.

Without limitations, I can seem like a shining jewel.

On the path of finding me, I must pause and thank you all,

Not only did you commit, but you also helped me beat the hardest fall.

One day you’ll see my illusions weren’t lies,

What’s “stopping” me from being me- that may just be your own eyes.


We single-minded thinkers have a lot in common.

From daily tendencies to friendships, at some point we hit a rock bottom.

Without light, he is blind; red stains her past, and her roses too.

Were all missing something, the puzzle piece that can't pull through.

As for me, I’m informed, that you’re not always what you seem.

Put back on your glasses, you have a whole past and future to redeem.

I cannot resolve every feud I’m confronted with,

I have but one singular tip, the best I can give, and all I say to do,

It’s expect the unexpected, perception can change from me to you. 



Great poem :)

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