My Reality

Because I love you

I dont have to worry about my heart drifting off and finding a new home

I can give you all of me knowing that in return you will hold my heart as if you were holding the key to life

I would look at you everyday and a warm overpowering feeling would invade my body 

I would wonder what it was, and as you look back at me

I would then realize it is my devine appreciation to possess something so beautiful that many couldn't imagine in their wildest dreams

I would not only love you from my heart  

I would love you from the bottom of my soul, a love so deep that our hearts would beat as one, your highest highs would light my heart like a shooting star 

But when sorrow creeps into your heart, my heart will beat slow and agony will trickle over my heart until yours is whole again

and although it's still hard for you to let someone love you completley

I would be patient with you, because I know the love you possess inside of you is one that only comes once in a lifetime and it is only reserved for those who are truly derserving

So, I would work everyday of my life to prove to you why I'm worthy to receive admission into the big gated entrance of your heart

I would look into your eyes and the seconds would feel like hours and the minutes would feel like eternity

I would get lost in your eyes like I'm lost at sea, and no rescue team could save me from the long electrical waves of your love

If you ask why I have a sparkel in my eye

Why I walk with happiness in each stride

Why each day delievers a forecast of grace, joy, and genuine bliss

Why every bad day seems bearable

I would look back at you and say intently

Because I love you

Now, I don't say these four words to confuse your heart and your mind

I don't say these four words to have control over you and brand you as mine

I say these words because when I look at you I see a reflection of myself

A depiction of what I want to be

And I see someone who will help me be just that

So when I say those four words, Because I love you, I don't say it lightly

I say it because it's fact, it is truth, and it is my reality


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