This is my Race...From the Starting Line to the Finish Line


This is my Race

From the starting line to the finish line

I do not run for anyone but me

Runnning is my life

My stress revealer

When I hear that gun shot

My heart pounds non-stop

I just crossed the starting line

I do not wish to beat anyone but myself

I push myself to my limits just like I do in life

I ache, I cry, but I will never quit

I want to finish this race strong

Knowing I did not give up

Every mile I feel faster and faster

My legs may hurt but my mind and my heart want to keep on going

When I see the clock a smile appears on my face

My legs start to pick up the pace

I just won the race

I did not get first

But I beat someone I always wanted to beat

And that person is me

This is my race

And I just crossed the finish line




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