My Poor Sweet Boy..

When I talk to you..
Yes, I get butterflies.
But they're not the happy, fluttery, lovey butterflies that people get...
They're more of the kind of butterflies people get when they know they're lying..
"I missed you" Lie.
"I love you" Usually a lie.
I have only ever loved one person. I've been infatuated with many, but loved only one person. And he was awful for me.
But you?
Oh, honey. You are what good days and sunshine are meant for. You, are perfect. Good. Caring, loyal, romantic. You are what every man strives to be but sadly.. sadly I cannot force my heart to love you every day.
This is why I cling to the belief that everyone has multiple soul mates. Because if we didn't, then mine is a psychotic boy who's in the arms of another girl.
I hope I will grow to love you. But for now, I'll just put on a smile, and paint the world pretty colors for you, while I look and see only shades of gray.

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