My perspective of my tias

My mother told me that I would end up just like them, my aunties.

Lazy, jobless,  and left-behind. That years from now, I would be doing the exact same thing...nothing. No vision, no goals, no plan.

But one day I looked and saw something different. I saw two women with a heart for service.

I saw two gifted women, one with a passion for cuisine, the other with a knack for renovation and art.

I saw them standing up against the pressure, killing sorrow with joy, and making it the best way that they knew .

I saw their strength being renewed after devastation. I saw them rise like rays of sun. I saw them , and I see them rising.

Their hearts stronger, minds wiser, and skill better than before.

I see them with the same  lenses of love and gratitude through which they choose to see me. Not perfect but perfectly loved. I see them, and that's how I want to be.

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My family
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