My Personal Pleiades

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 15:38 -- ATWSI

Emotions towards an angel, swallow thee like a wave in the sea

See the bruises on my skin, for my love is beating I from within

Words of endearment flash in mind like a strobe light

A molten passion, to give thy lover everything that resides in my being

My subject, and my muse

A tender devotion towards you


My blood red beating heart

Spreads and bangs my teeth loose

Such a vicious emotion to protect you

Oh, I love so viciously it leaves me in agony

Oh, occasionally it tortures me

Tis why I recite my lines of love

My rhymes of love for you

More often than the times the sky is the color blue


I am pleasurably possessed by you

It was miraculous,

The occasion when you disclosed the way you felt

Like a child, I threw a jubilee

Like I had just gotten a beloved piece of candy

The depth of my love for you

It hurts sporadically

And I cried when you released your honesty

It was a ground-breaking experience


How could someone love a shriveled up soul like mine?
A broken down home like mine?
Scarred up thigh
Dirt brown eyes

Bones that rattle inside my body
How could someone love a tattered up heart like mine?
The heart that’s been beaten and bruised

The one that learned how to love at age 17
Not whilst growing up

And I thank you


But you see something fair in I

Something alluring, something glorious

The pedestal I hold you in is draped with linen

The most eloquent silk

Decorated with cotton fabric and satin

Bedazzled with sapphire gemstones

Diamonds and rubies and emeralds

There you go and shine


I wonder where your love will venture me to

Assassinate any loneliness

Put a bandaid on my aura

Stitching up thy wounds

To good as new


A sense of belonging

You’re the one holding up the stars in my universe

You illuminate the room

My naked eye can see you shimmer from afar

I open my mouth but an inaudible sound comes out

Because sometimes

I love you so bad in hurts


This poem is about: 
My family


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