My Personal Ingredients List and Recipe

I am from white baking flower,

From Tide and crayons

I am from the cool green grass in the backyard

Soaking in the morning dew.

I am from the lilac bushes lining the yard,

From Queen Ann’s Cherry tree heavy with fruit.

I am from the Japanese maple

Who is spilt conveniently three times in the middle

Held together by white wire, perfect for climbing.


I am from barbeques and high blood pressure,

From Amy and Andrea.

I’m from the always-rights,

And from loud long arguments at the dinner table. 

From Young Lady! And For the Love of Everything That is Sacred!


I am from the Lord is my savior,

And I shall not want everything I lay my eyes on.

And Sunday services at multiple churches,

With a never ending list of hymns every service


I am from Norfolk and Meme,

From salami and popcorn,

Any kind of fruit we can get our hands on.

From my grandfather’s early Christmas gift of a heart attack

And my fathers pulled hamstring that is yet to completely heal


On the brown book shelf in the living room

Or in the cabinets beneath it

Sits photo albums full of old pictures before and during my time

Memories and tokens fill my mother’s closet

Each one worth little to nothing to the world

But is considered generations of hard work and toil to me

This poem is about: 
My family


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