My Perfect World


Poetry is soft music to my ears;

writing it takes away all of my fears.

I can go to places I wouldn’t normally go,

by writing what I imagine, not what I know.


Maybe I’ll travel to a brand new place,

where sin is no more; evil there is no trace.

A place where there rules only the good,

A place that is perfect, as this Earth never could.


A place where everyone is treated just the same,

despite their race, their fortune or their fame.

A place where violence has been brought to an end,

where people are real; there is no more pretend.


A place where freedom rings from every nook and cranny

and as far as jealousy and hate, there simply isn’t any.

A place where even the word war is unknown,

where love and kindness, is something always shown.


A place where people aren’t afraid to stand up to what is right,

where there is always peace, and never need to fight.

A place where freedom does not have to be gained,

a place where with blood, the ground is never stained.


A place where I never fear that I can’t be myself,

where there are no worries, no fears, concerning one’s poor health.

A place where people of all types come together forever long,

where each and every nation seems to always get along.


Just imagine how great that this earth would be,

if all nations came together in peace,

from sea to shining sea.



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