My Pain

Like how only the sky can feel the lightning, thunder and rain

only i know the feeling of empty loneliness

the true distance between me and happiness

only i can fake the smile

and hide the tears

only i know what its like to suffer

not knowing who loves you or cares

am i the only one that goes through the day

like everything is okay

i know what it's like

to cry myself to sleep

to have no one that listens

i understand what its like 

to want to end it

to no longer suffer

in regret

in self hate

it drains energy

always hiding and lying

but you dont know

you have no idea what i do 

what i see

you cant see the pain i hide

or the emptiness i feel

blood becomes my passion

numbing my pain

leaving me motionless

unreachable for those seconds

but thats wha ti do 

only the blade knows

only the blade listens

only the blad understands

like you running from the storm

you think you know but you dont

so like the sky feels the lightning, thunder, and rain

only i know and understand my own pain


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