My Own Melody


United States
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United States
39° 9' 18.7056" N, 76° 47' 28.8816" W

“I want to be a runner”

I tell myself

But on the first day of practice-

I’m wearing shoes I’ve had since the 6th grade

Basketball shorts that bunch up in the front

I don’t even own a sports bra

So I wore a camisole under my t-shirt


“I am a runner”

I try to convince myself

It is a silent motivation

An internal fire, safely hidden and tended by the heart

Because I am scared others will stomp it out


Although I am on the low rung of the JV track team

They do not know

I have a heart that soars to the skies

And races the stars

They do not know of

My invisible stride that reaches to the moon

While I trail behind all the other runners


“You are a runner”

My heart sings to me

The gun shoots and the melody begins

In tune with my footsteps,

It is a familiar song to my lungs and legs


My eyes are fixed on the girl in front of me

Stride for stride we skip across the track

Like two gazelles in their home habitat

She picks up speed

I am right behind

With two laps remaining,

I take the lead

Now I march to my own melody


Today I am the sub 12 minute two miler



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