To my optimism

Mon, 11/20/2017 - 18:11 -- At@tran

Dear Optimism,



To be honest I recall receiving you not too long ago, just last year

You came from motivational speeches made by Tony Robinson

I remember before I met you, all I had seen was only blandness and negativity in everything

This had been the case with me for a while

Until you came into my life



You were my savior from depression, and I am grateful for the visions you provide me

You allow me to see the light in the darkest of caves

I have used you so much you are like an addiction to me

I know it’s my choice to use you and like my phone I choose to use you everyday

I continue to need you as much as I have used you



You allow me to feel high without any of the drugs

You help me see the sun in all of my rainy days

You have taught me that perspective makes up how I feel

How it determines my attitude on many things

Thank you for being a source of my happiness



Anthony Tran


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