My New Neighbors

I have new neighbors.

They came from another

World. A world I have

Never been to. They came

To America hoping to

Have a better life. Boy

Were they wrong. My

Other neighbors hate our

New neighbors. They look

Down upon them. I never

Understood why. Why would

You want to hate them?

What did they do to you?

Do you hate the way they

Say "Goodmoring" to you

Each and every morning?

Do you hate when their

Children be friendly and

Play with your children?

Do you dislike their father

Because he needs a job to

Support his family? What

Happened to "Ameria the

Great" " America the Beautiful"?

Is it so "Great" and "Beautiful"

To treat our new neighbors with

Hate? My new neighbors are

Really kind. They want to be

Treated the same way as you.

Nothing more and nothing

Less. Can you love our new

Neighbors. Can you stop

Causing pain in our neighbors

Hearts?  Today are new neighbors

found people who are diffrent from them.

They see how "America the Great"

Really is. Oh look! Look at our

New neighbors! See the hate in

Their eyes. They have learned your

Ways. Now our new neighbors hate

These people who are diffrent from

Them. Our new neighbors say " Look,

they are diffrent from US. We should

Hate them instead." Oh how great! We

Have taught our new neighbors to

Hate! Our neighbors from another

World have finally developed

Our ways. They developed hate.

In a world where we all live, We

Live with hate. Oh how great.



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Our world
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