Light up your candles,
How hard to comprehend that sentence
“Let us take this minutes of silence to Remember”,
How deep and hard are these words to swallow
Providing good definition to all the situations
That makes our heart stop for at least two heart beats
Please blood moon let me breath.

Where your shadow becomes your worst enemy
And where life savers becomes life takers
While rivers become grave for innocents
And forests becomes home for killings
Please red blood moon let me live.

No more mother, No more Father
No more sister, No more brother
No more wife, No more husband
Whether you are a hunter or you are a prey
Please red blood moon let my heart beat.

Days and nights …no difference
Cries and shouts all day long
Two questions popping in my mind
Both leading to the same answer “DEATH”
Please red blood moon don’t let me die today
Comprehending the gate between happiness and sadness
That vibrates hard deep in our lungs
Letting the sunny days replace the cloudy nights
And make place for tears of happiness
Please blood moon let me smile once.

So there comes the rainbow after darkness and rain
Welcoming Mr. Sun to sew our scattered hearts together
No more “Him” no more “Her”
But the new creation of
Please red blood moon give place for Mr. Sun to shine

I breathe in and out the new air of reconciliation
I speak back and forth the new era of Unity
I provide peace and receive it from my beholder
I respect and honor the unity and reconciliation we receive
Oh, my dear blue white sky give me back “MY NATION”

This poem is about: 
My country


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