My Mother(the soldier)


United States
42° 5' 0.654" N, 70° 59' 25.2384" W

My mother is a soldier

beneath her mocha skin beats the heart
of a lioness and mother bear fused within
My mother is a fighter
the shield with which she defends me
is her spirit and conviction
her sword is her mighty wit
ten times larger than even the smartest scholar

My mother is blanket
she warms me with her hugs and love
even when she's away
but most importantly
my mother is a promise...
even if it may take time
and she may be trapped behind enemy lines
she won't miss a birthday if she says she'll be there

But my mother is also a teacher
she taught me that promises don't always stay true
Promises can be broken
and just like promises she can be broken too...
and sometimes I think my mother is coal
She is black like coal
brittle like coal
may seem unnoticeable like coal
but when you pressure her and bury her all day long
she never relents, she comes back a diamond TWICE as strong!

One day she may be on her deathbed
But I will be the Doctor who is by her side
and she will pass on with no regrets
filled with pride
So, yes, my mother is a soldier
eternal, she fights on, and will never tire

My mother is a soldier.



I gave this poem three stars because it is empowering. I love the repetition in the poem. I also love the various metaphors and comparisons you used to describe you mother. This poem is beautiful.

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