My Morning Dew

The light break through my window,

And I know its morning

When I step out on the patio to take a deep breath.

The warm sun greets me.


I take a seat in my favorite chair,

Bundled in my favorite robe,

And close by I can hear the voices of those precious creatures,

Singing just the right tune.


As I look out, I can see nature all around me.

The trees are growing tall

And bushes have started sprouting bright pink flowers.


Oh! And best of all,

The sound of water trickling down into the pond

--filled with excellent swimmers.


As I sit here, taking in the view,

My mind opens to all possibilities,

Adventures, and truth.


Life is all around me,

Just living so sweetly in all forms.

The morning is my time of day,

Where life begins

And my day unravels.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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