My Mind Inspires Me

I learned in philosophy on Wednesday that 

Evil leads to Suffering

Suffering leads to meaning--

A search for meaning.

I am inspired by the "evils" of my mind. 


The "evils" of my mind try to tear me down

Depression leads to anxiety

Anxiety leads to meaning--

A search for meaning.

Why am I like this? Do people even like me?


These questions weigh me down

Am I annoying?

Do people want to be around me?

Why am I so paranoid?

The list goes on and on and on and on and on and I digress


I need to get rid of these questions, these feelings.

Thought leads to paper,

Paper leads to meaning--

A newfound meaning. 

I feel a little better now.


My mind inspires me to write my poetry

To write my songs

To do my makeup

To act my scenes

It's given me experiences to give me material to live my life and to practice my art

and to understand--

That bad experiences are not inherently bad.

Your mind can use them

To inspire you.

My mind inspires me.



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