My Metaphor

Tue, 05/20/2014 - 16:45 -- TGirl

Live. Laugh. Love.

Everyone has words, morals, or some kind of code they live their life by.

Me? I only have 3.

Live: Have fun, meet new people, dance like a maniac, don't miss out on opputunities to have an experience.

Laugh: Be silly, Find the funny side to everything, just throw your head back a let yourself roar with laughter and your body shake and eyes cry.

Love: Love others and most importantly love yourself; hold tight to those close to you; love fearlessly, endlessly, and without remorse or regret; and when you finally have to let will continue on across the void.

Some may call my look on life too optimistic.

They might be right, but I know I am too.

For what is life if you forget to:

Live, Laugh and Love?


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