My Message To Humanity

Love. It is the single most important substance for the body, mind, and soul. The amount of love we are shown shapes our lives, our thought processes, the way we act, and the way we deal with problems. Love has been around since the begging of time, the beginning of our lives. As time goes on, we lose touch with love; we lose touch with ourselves and the unending, unlimited love with others. We forget how to love. I’m not talking ‘friendly love’; I’m talking about the pure love where we’d unhesitatingly do anything, even die, for One Another.

            Some people have forgotten more than others and try to destroy people’s love. Abusers, rapists, murderers; they are all people who lost the pure love they were born with. The innocence of mind and soul is gone. I used to wonder why a person could seek to ruin another human’s life, but the answer is simple. When you are not shown love, it creates a sinking feeling inside of you. As you are exposed to more and more pain, you being to find others like you, that drag you down where you’ll drown in your loneliness. These people are so subconsciously jealous of the happiness of others who don’t understand “what it’s like to be me’. It becomes an endless stream of pain.

            When I was a baby, I knew nothing of pain or sorrow. As I became older and the world around me wasn’t glazed over by my innocence, I understood more. I saw the crying, the lust, the cheating, the spite in people’s voices, and the hate behind eyes. It continues to get worse as time goes on, and the undying, unconditional whole-heartedness you have towards people fades away. You question everyone’s intentions and character, making it difficult to Have an open heart.

            Some people call this the ‘real world’. This isn’t the real world; this is a sickness being spread. The real world should be about showing compassion to one another, not tearing each other down. The world isn’t perfect, people hurt you, you hurt people. It is impossible to love every single person in your life, but it’s worth a shot. A open heart means you are able to accept yourself, despite your flaws and mess-ups, and accept others for their imperfections as well. Everyone wants to be Loved in one way or another. It is better to love and be hurt, than to have no love in your life.

Our lives come in waves of high and low points. These waves are important in the development of what we believe in and what we see is right. The low points show what you can handle; how strong you are. The high points show you just how wonderful life can be; what you should continue to strive for. Love is a high point, but it’s more than just that. It’s a reminder that when you’re low, there’s something to look forward to, something to love, something to push you forward. When you find something to love, you’ll never want to go back. Your pure love with grow and shine through You.


                                    Amber McElhaney                                John 13:34

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