My Love: A poem I'll never give

My love, 


        Beautiful isn’t the manliest way to describe you, but I personally feel the word completely represents who you are to me. Although you are handsome and everything that I want physically, the beauty I describe is who you are on the inside. 

Your grace, enthusiasm, and energy show me a different perspective of the world. That the world isn’t just black and white, not just ‘do this’ and ‘that’, not just a routine. I discovered that we have a lifetime to accomplish everything our hearts desires with no limits or boundaries to hold us back from reaching our full potential. 

I often wonder, what can we do? 


And it may be that you are too kind,


Your kindness to everyone, brings me happiness. The joy you give others is not hidden, you are so loved. Just your presence reminds me of a gentle, swift breeze on a cool morning that brings peace to my heart. I often wonder, What kind of joy will we give to the world? Will the world reward us for giving joy?


 And it may be your hope, 


And hope is what you give me. When you walk into my life, it was a special moment. Suddenly my soul was no longer lost. It circulated back to its rightful place in the world, connected to yours. I often wonder, how perfect can that be for us? Are we really experiencing perfection? 


Not many are


And not many have shown the world grace, enthusiasm, Kindness, joy, peace and hope. 


You really do hold beauty inside and out. 



Happy Valentines Day my love,

 May your beauty shine through everyday for all to see and me to hold. 


All yours, 



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