My Love

Thu, 04/21/2016 - 13:15 -- Bug

The stars shone brightly in your eyes;
A beautiful display.
How I wish right here and now,
You were here today.

This picture that I hold,
Its all I have to show.
Our love is of the purest kind,
I think you already know.

In the night my fears are gone,
As you hold me in your embrace.
I wish you never to let me go,
Keep me in this place.

This place of peace and happiness;
I want to stay right here.
Your arms holding me tight,
It is you I love so dear.

Even when I fall and break,
Your words of kindess catch me.
Your soft heart pulls me close;
Your hugs, they surround me.

I thank you for being here,
I love you more than you know.
This is to my dearest true love;
Oh, how I love you so.

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