My limber limbs had once

My limber limbs had once walked and ran

Obedient to my every command

I was your muse, your lover, and your cause

Life was oh so sweetly buried and lost

In endless kisses poured out on us

In fulfilled dreams and daring wanderlust

Till brutal fate cursed down upon us

And the metal of cars came crashing round'

My once perfect limbs I now sadly found

To be senselessly stupid, mangled beasts

Restricting adventure to almost cease

I was a monster by definition

Broken and bent beyond recognition

You should have fled my side, darling person

Far away as my condition worsened

And yet you stayed so very close, so near

How did I deserve your listening ear

And although wedding vows no longer bind

You told me ours would last far beyond time

And you stayed so utterly committed

So devoted and forever fitted

To my hand and heart, to even my form

So ugly and cruelly altered and worn

There was raw sacrifice within your love

A clear reflection of our God above

When I asked you why you stayed so true

you answered, "Darling because I love you."  


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