My Life Will Transform

Tue, 04/08/2014 - 17:19 -- djilinn



I’m in the process of making my dream job my actuality

I need people to understand it’s okay to dream outside of the normality

To dream outside of what is socially accepted, or is a commonality


You see, I was told

That my dream goal

As an anesthesiologist was nothing in my control

And I’d have a better chance finding Saint Nick at the North Pole

What a troll!!


Because of my social standing

And many people’s misunderstanding

I knew that I had to be outstanding

As a student and as a person, my character qualities had to be expanding

I knew I had to make a name for my self, almost like I was branding


I went to college, with the intention to prove them wrong

I knew I had to prove to them that this is where I belong

Not only could I excel as an athlete or by writing a song

But I could also be academically strong


It was not until later on

That I new my intensions were wrong

My intention should not have been to prove those who doubted me wrong


But to prove to myself that I WILL succeed

The first step of doing so is to believe

Then proceed

And exceed


As an anesthesiologist, my life will transform

Because I will be living proof than one can excel outside of the norm 


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