My Life Teacher.

people are our teachers ,

some close ,

some distant.

moments are our grades ,

life the school ,

and our choices the timing to go in .

sometimes early .

sometimes late .

or just ,

never in time.

lucky those who 

are punctual in life.!

lucky those who

received great love from their life teachers .!

lucky those who love life,

"the school".

lucky those who choose to be on time 

and unlucky those who

were not in the right time.


I didnt choose to be unlucky

i couldnt choose not to be in his life 

i couldnt,

i couldnt.

my heart did 

but his desition was unnegotiated.

i choosed left from right

i cutted timing next to love 

teachers hated me for only liking one.

grades were great.!

  not for too long.

i have realized "the school"

didnt want me 

neither did i wanted it back.

the only teacher i liked 

show me how great grades

can move to

bad grades.


my eyes learn to see other teachers but not love them.

yes i loved him.

i loved my life teacher,

for his great grades but he showed 

low grades and i had to let go.

"she is pregnant"

a baby was born 

never did i see him again

and never did i see "the school"

as good as i always did.


My first love thought me how to see life as an school,

in which moments are not always great,

in which you wont always be on time 

like i wasnt in his .


My first love thought me that ,

who i thought was going to be my forever life teacher 

my fav teacher

could turn to the worst teacher i could ever had.


my mistake for thinking

he could

thought me

something good.

now i know that i should always choose 

  right from left.







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Jan Wienen

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