My life and Who I am


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Music is my life,
it helps me sleep at night
it gets me up and high unto sky,
it gives me courage, when I sing in the choir at church,
I burst into flames of happiness, and
when dance I feel like I am walking on the moon,
where nothing can stop me, songs of joy and
beats is what makes me who I am.

By my parents I am expected to be
this prodigy, genius child filled with
straight A’s and honor rolls
and scholarships everywhere
around me, but im just this normal
African kid who is smart in so many ways,
and yet confused in others.

My accent is of African heritage and my soul is of
African ethnicities, my language is of
Both English and Yoruba,
My ancestors is of African lineage,
My music is and food in part African and American,
I am Nigerian, and I am damn hell proud of it.

My age is nothing but a number,
But the way I think, act and behave,
Speaks more than that number,
People assume because my age and
How I do things that I’m not mature or ready
For life, but mysteriously to me,
I am this maturing minority male,
Which unfortunately, people don’t see,
And it’s the same way as quoting
“Don’t judge a book by its cover” .

I am this introvert,
Who are many things that people,
Don’t know about, I am this confused
Charismatic Christian,
With a knack for beats bass brass
And is also a proud Nigerian.


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