This is my life

Secluded in my mind, there are thoughts of a time,

A time where I didn't worry.

A time thoughts of evil, frustration, and scrutiny had me feeling blurry;

So I scurried,

back into my hole of oblivion, I didn't have anyone

not even a single friend.

I see smiling faces but then again,

even the most beautiful creatures have malicious intentions within.

Poetry became my friend.

It didnt hiss any venemous words my way

or criticize what I was going to say

but let my pen pierce its paper as I let out what was held in.

A true friend.

When I doubted everyone around understanding what I truly felt,

the words played on my paper as if I were a child playing on a jungle gym.

I fit.

It made sense

at that moment in time.

It took me back to my childhood,

a simpler rhyme.

Roses are red, violets are blue,

poetry is always here for you.  




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