My life

I'm looking for some help, but I ain't got any,

People tellin' me to get off of the street

I'm a war veteran, served my country, look at me now,

Teenagers with their video phones complaining bout the internet, I ain't got food on my table

They tellin' me they'll help me but they kick me to the curb

The time I wasted to beg for some change, for some food,

a month's worth, i got nothing

People treat me with disgust, yet they could end up just like me

The ones who don't have a whole lot share, the one's who do, don't

I'm tellin' you don't you see who I am,

Blankets, anyone got blankets? These children are freezing,

The homeless shelter's bout filled up in winter

this is my life, this is my future

This is mine.


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