My Life

Sat, 01/11/2014 - 18:29 -- Sheniza

Time and time again,
It feels like the world is slowly fading away.
It replays in my mind,
Those thoughts, those memories, those unanswered questions.
No one is around, and no one knows what I've been through.
The world became a dark and gloomy place
That world was mine
It was my choice,
For I had blocked out everyone and everything
All I did to cope with my new life is cry,
The pain was too much to handle,
The loneliness was like life after death,
A life I could not escape.
Longed how I wished people understood my pain, my loneliness.
Though I didn't want to let people in, I didn't want to lose them.
Eventually I did, I lost everyone,
That was the worst day of my life.
I felt like my heart was shattered into a million pieces of glass,
For how I wished I could reassemble those pieces.
Oh how I wished for the day that time freezes and the world stands still,
That day will be the day people will finally understand and see the real me.
The me that does not hide behind a fake smile,
But the me who isn't afraid of the world.
When that day happens it will be my happiest day of my life,
The life that I thought was inescapable.



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