My Life The high

My Life 

The high school days come and go 

It has sports, plays and even talent shows 

My high school days have come to an end

I remember the time in elementary where I played pretend


I'm all grown up and a stranger to luck 

I'm tired of the days of being a schmuck 

I have lived in foster care most of my life

Its time I finish school and have a wife 


Everyone always doubted me 

They said that nowhere is the place Ill be 

I want to go college and have a good time 

And add on to my accomplishments by writing this rhyme 


From abuse to neglect and even more 

It made me who I am; deep down in my core 

That person makes me strive for something new 

It brings me to what really true 


Education is what is right for me 

It will prove to others what I can be

And that is the only proof I will need 

To living a better life indeed


Jon Chapman 






It expresses my feelings for being in foster care and overcoming it. 

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