My Kindness is Not Weakness

Reasons why I am flawless:
I am not. I have a dead rose garden buried in my body and a barbed wire fence around my heart.
I have every natural disaster you can think of simultaniously erupting in my head.
I am a fire ball, I am an inplosion of a dead star forming into a black hole that sucks up everything in its path.
I am intense.
But I am soft.
I am the person who finds wilted daisies in the bodies of good hearted people and waters them back to life with my tear soaked cheeks
I am the one who dares tread the shakey ground of bodies lying in a pit of depression and self-hate.
I am the beauty in every storm, I am the reason that people say "you can't have a rainbow without a little rain."
I care about the fight that the horribleness in the world has caused and I devised the war strategy "kill them with kindness." 
I did not let the world rip me of my heart.
I am flawless because I am not carved from stone, but rather blood and tears and sweat
I am flawless, because I show others that they are.


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