My journey to becoming a poet

The reason I became a poet?

What ever do you mean?

Poetry flows seamlessly

Like a river stream

I don't have much to offer

But when I grab my pen and paper

Words just flow

They come to me naturally

I was always a good writer

My papers were worthy of an "A"

My teacher walked up to me

And said one day,

"Khadija, don't ever stop writing"

That's when I knew I had a gift

I was glad to share it

With whoever would read

I went onto college

And my English teacher loved my work

I knew then that it was mean't to be

This relationship between paper and me

This need to be free

And express myself how I think need be

Whenever I am upset

Whenever I feel like it

I write my poetry and stories

Not for fame or notoriety

Although that would be nice

But to express freely

How blessed am I to live in a country

That allows me to express myself freely?

With just a pen and a pad?

As a black woman of color

I can't begin to tell you

How much that means to me



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