My Inner Guide

Tue, 05/07/2019 - 10:41 -- ka_dy_b

Everything within in me is of myself the world i view 

the things I feel and touch

the things I admire the things I desire are only 

the few things that keep me up to see the sunrise everyday

But I realized that my inner guide was the only thing that got me through everything.

In my period of innocece all I could have ever been was the puppet in disguise

But i knew I was really here when my mind opened my eyes to the real world and never gave in

I started battles aginst myslef the wrong and the right

but the right felt so wrong and the wrong felt right.

As I did this the person the world wanted me to be was the person who was stoping me 

from my actual destiney. Years have gone by and the ones I loved slipped away from

me. I had to ask why this was always happening

Dissapontment grew stronger as hope faded away 

my heart was telling me I couldnt stand another day

but my mind told me your worth more than that 

the way you feel now is just a stopgap without you here you did what they wanted

they never wanted you to see how the world of truth was  haunted

with all the ghost that haunted me the light that shined invigorated me.

So I left with myself and all the ghost behind and I told myself theres no time to cry 

Time won´t wait for me so I wont wait for time

to find my true self and leave my past behind. My life has only started but will eventually end 

so I tell myself to glow and let off my rays 

its time to make better days.


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