My Inner Demons

Tyler Roolf


Shenango High School


Class: 2017





My Inner Demons


They tear me down from within

And crawl into the light of my subconscious

They wretch out from beneath my skin

And slowly make me nauseous.


My inner demons break me from inside

As my past creeps into my mind

I can always run, but there’s nowhere to hide

They will kill me with every lie I’ve lied


They chase me down with every mistake

And ruin every sunny day

They lock me in my room for Christ’s sake

And in my head pain comes to play


I know that I complain about the pain

Caused by The demons from within my soul

But without my demons I’d only gain

A life designed for a fool


My demons are my mistakes

But my experience they are too

And the wisdom experience makes

Will help me see life through


For my demons are my teachers

Though wretched they my be

They become my Guiding preachers

To expel the sin in me



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