My Identity: Lost Then Found

“Who am I?”

I asked myself in freshman year.


No answer.


I always felt lost like an outcast,

Scarfing down my lunch in the dusty, dark hallways.

I had fear I couldn’t get past,

Holding me back like a stop sign for days.


I always wanted to be a club officer or member,

Or even the leader of activities.

But I was a nobody that was never remembered,

So I couldn’t get past adversity.


Nobody I knew talked to me,

Or even looked me in the eye.

Never asking what officer position I wanted to be,

Or even saying “hello” or “goodbye”.


I was in the back like a ghost,

Invisible, ignored, yet still hanging around.

I was blending in the crowd, lost,

And I needed to escape to be found.


So I transferred schools for a fresh start,

To participate more and identify myself.

I embraced my creativity through various forms of art,

Like yearbook and drama to express how I felt.


I became a community service club president,

To show my love for helping others.

And I became more confident and independent,

Through knowing myself and overcoming my suffers.


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