My home is with you


My home is not a house
My home is not a place
My home does not have 4 walls
My home has a face 
You are my home
In my time of need 
You hold me tight
You set me free
You know the secrets 
That were written into my skin
You know how death had invited me
But didn't let me in 
You know how destructive I was 
I was inside
You told me to wear my scars
I wear them with pride 
You have a beautiful soul
A spirit
A feeling
I cannot lose 
You exhilarate me 
It's you I choose  
You loan me your strength 
when my will gets weak 
When I do not know who to turn to
It's to you that I speak 
Being with you gives me a high
You're an addiction I cannot break
It's the dependence on you
I cannot bare to shake 
You met me when I was broken
When I was melancholy and torn 
You put me back together
It was with you 
That I was reborn 
Not only my best friend
But my lover too 
You taught me a lesson 
A lesson I never knew 
My home is never changing
My home is with you 


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