My home

I used to let my emotions out

For it to fly in free motion 

It was like a white dove poor and innocent

The bird was not able to turn into an eagle

Its soft wings spread through the air

It was all over the place

Its was taken advantage of

Then i caged it in me like a cub 

A cub who had grown into a lion

Wild and ready to attack

It keeps me strong and matured 

Reminding me of where I came from

A land of a beautiful mother

Her beauty blesses the land 

The ones who live in it are forcing her to cry 

They have forgotten who she is

But I have not

Because her beauty is embedded in me

Just as her character

She taught me to work hard and i will succeed

I promised her that I would

And I will

I am her daughter

This poem is about: 
My country


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