My Heart’s Lament

Thu, 10/24/2013 - 22:26 -- lvanek


Every time I think of you
Something in me rises anew!
But someday they always say
All my love will fade away
But heed my words‚ oh listen well
Time will never have to tell
I have loved you all my days
My love will never fade away

I saw you‚ love‚ so fair and strong
I listened to your hidden song
I learned so many things from you
And you made my soul anew

The song of love poured from my heart
Your answer was the poison dart
Now my love is hiddien deep
Precious memories I still keep

But our bond is not yet gone
I feel it with each coming dawn
It will stay as years go by
My love for you will never die!

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Please tell me what you think!!!! Thanks!!


Thank you so much!!! I will certainly take your advice :)

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