My Guardian Angel

Dear Latwassa,


 I never dreamed of anything like this,

who would’ve known people would be so sick.

To think you would have been in my face the next day

but now you’re in a better place.

you’ve always given me a shove,

To do things I adore

because that’s your way of showing your sister love.

You taught me to not care what people think

you always knew people words made me sink.

But now I’m learning to do what I was taught

your words are always in my thoughts.

You’re my guardian angel, my heart, and my soul,

you always scoop me out of trouble when I’m in a deep hole.

I write this letter to you for you to know,

I will always keep you in my mind, on my heart, and in my soul for you are someone I will never outgrow.




Sincerely with love, Kyerra


This poem is about: 
My family


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