My goodbye note

One pill, two pill, three pill four, already started let me take some more.Five pill, six pill, seven pill, eight these are for all the people who look on me with hate.Nine pill, ten pill,eleven pill, twelve these are for all the family members I've failed. Thirteen pill, fourteen pill, fifthteen pill, sixteen these are for the ones when I talked never listen.Seventeen pill, eighteen pill, nineteen pill, twenty, I would take some more, but my pill can is empty.Dreaming is a fairytale,I found that out last night.Laying wide awake in bed thinking of my broken heart I took out a pen and wrote; I'm tired of the pain I'm in and all the tears  I fight. Don't know who I'm writing to,but this is my goodbye note.I'm far from special so don't cry please you don't do that in the winter when the flowers are gone in May. Gone is gone no one'll remeber just like a piece of cheese.So many people have hurt me that's why I'm leaving today.No one loves me I'm like recalled medicine that people would rather not take.I can never move forward I've run out of fuel just like a broke down car so when you find me by the lake be company to my abandoned guitar. Then go share the news with my family because I don't have a single  friend,that I'm a nobody and don't need a funeral so their money they don't have to spend.

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